Assistance League of North Coast Scholarship Form

Our Scholarship Program offers scholarships to students in the tri-city area of Carlsbad, Oceanside, and Vista who are planning on attending a college or trade school. Download the guidelines and apply today!

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Before you begin...

Eligibility Requirements

1. Preference given to those focused-on community service.
2. Plan to attend a college/trade school and Proof of Acceptance (upon receiving letter).
3. Minimum of a 2.5 GPA
4. No Assistance League member or relative is eligible for this scholarship.

Completed Form Requires:

1. Two letters of recommendation.
2. Transcripts (uploaded by you or sent/emailed by a counselor)
3. Answers to the two Scholarship Questions in 200 words or less
4. Essay answering 2 out of 3 questions in 300 words or less
5. Describe details of scholarships already received, or applied for, and/or financial aid.

Congratulation to Our Scholarhip Winners!

Samuel Maturino – Trade Tech – Mona Ackerman

Salvador Vallejo – El Camino –  Lori Boody

John Hensel – New Haven – Philomena Roma

Veeral Patel – Carlsbad – Beverly Charles

Renee Sugia – Major General Ray Murry – Ken Clark

Leana Cortez – Rancho Buena Vista – Sandy Matheus

Tessa Beasley – Oceanside – Fran Tovar

Shaelynn Solio – Mission Vista – Patti Weeg

Lorelia Pena – Vista – Sandy Matheus

Hayat Sherif – Sage Creek – Sophia Bouvier