Ada Edwards Laughlin Award

May 27, 2021

Ada was the co-founder of the Assistance League who filled the role as the behind-the-scenes assistant to our founder, Anne Banning. Ada was intelligent, detail oriented, reliable and enthusiastic-a calm person, who got the job done by happily staying in the background. Much of thr time our honoree can be found behind the scenes doing whatever needs to be done. This person lives our values of enthusiasm, dedication, generosity of time, versatility, optimism, compassion and more. Her, "what if we do this?" philosophy has greatly enhanced the Thrift Shop, within the last year she was instrumental in re-designing the layout of the clothing area, in researching the replacement of the sales floor rug, she worked with a team to have the backroom painted and re-carpeted and designed the new shoe room, then she re-designed the furniture room. As a 22-year veteran of the Thrift Shop, she has met many challenging situations with skill and grace. As the first one at the shop in the morning, she sets the stage for the day. She demonstrates strong but flexible leadership, as a team leader, she organizes and restocks daily and is the principal leader of our holiday decorating crew. The ALNC has a rich history of courageous, forward-thinking women with high ambitions and remarkable achievements. The Ada Edwards Laughlin Award recognizes the person whose work has had an outstanding impact on the lives of many in our community. Nancy Lettow represent all that this prestigious award is meant to be. (Paraphrased from Verlaine Ford’s introduction of the Ada Edwards Laughlin Award presentation)