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Val and Gary Flynn

Val and Gary Flynn

Val and Gary Flynn chose to “give back” by including the Assistance League of North Coast in their estate plans and becoming a part of the Founders’ Circle.  Val shared why:

“I feel a personal connection with the children for whom we buy clothing and shoes, and help provide books.  When I came to the United States as an 8-year-old from a Displaced Persons’ Camp in Germany after World War II, I had “foreign” looking, old clothes, and certainly no books. And I spoke no English.  Some kind people gave me two “American” style dresses (which I remember to this day).  Wearing those dresses made me feel so much just like the other kids I met in school. I visually fit in.

Coming from a DP Camp with no father, I didn’t know or understand how a normal, average family lived.  At the library, I devoured biographies to better understand how “normal” people lived and thought.  Those books were invaluable.  They also helped me learn English.

What I was given is so like what we at Assistance League of North Coast give to the deserving children in our area.  I understand what a difference it can make in a young person’s life, so including ALNC in our trust is a way Gary and I can “pay it forward” to help children feel an accepted part of the school community.  While clothing and shoes can help them blend in, books open new worlds to them that they may not otherwise be aware of.

Working at the Thrift Shop is so satisfying, because I know the money we make will be helping children get these books and clothes.  Shopping with our daughter Lisa for the New Haven Boys was always, I think, even more satisfying for us than the boys.  Lisa, having two boys of her own, so understood just what these boys would like to wear and loved helping them find just the right things.

Recently Hurricane Harvey reminded us again that, while we wanted to help by donating money, we weren’t sure how to ensure the money would be spent just for what it was intended --- directly helping people.  So when the Texas chapters of AL asked for help, we immediately felt comfortable sending our donation to them, because we knew we could trust those volunteers to spend all the money exactly how they promised.”

Val notes making the initial donation to join the Founders’ Society in the form of a Qualified Charitable Deduction from their IRAs was helpful to them, since that portion of Required Minimum Distributions doesn’t have to be declared.  This can certainly be beneficial to others who desire to make such a contribution.

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