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Sondra & Fred Peppe

Sondra & Fred Peppe

We have been members of Assistance League North Coast for several years, Sondra (2014)  and Fred (2017). During this time, we have been involved in a multitude of programs and  activities, all aimed to benefit the communities we serve. It has been extremely rewarding!  The funny thing is, we have benefitted as much as the families we serve, if not more. This rewarding volunteer work and the many good friendships we have made through ALNC  has enriched our lives immensely.  

When it came time to update our trust, it was an easy decision for us to include ALNC.  We were surprised by just how easy it was to make it happen. A friend gave us the name  of a trusted estate planning attorney. We interviewed him and he guided us through the  process. It took a total of about 3 hours and two visits. He answered our questions, gave  us some homework, revised our trust and had us review the final documents. It was a  piece of cake!  

There is no time like the present to get your affairs in order. We owe it to ourselves and to  our families. 

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