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Assistance League® North Coast Annual Reports

2020-2021 Annual Report

2019-2020 Annual Report

2018-2019 Annual Report

2017-2018 Annual Report

2017 Annual Report

Assistance League® North Coast 990 Tax Returns

2019-20 990 Tax Return

2018-19 990 Tax Return

2017-18 990 Tax Return

2016-17 990 Tax Return

2015-16 990 Tax Return

2014-15 990 Tax Return

Assistance League® of North Coast Policies

Emergency, Safety, and Health Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Social Media Policy

Financial Policies and Procedures

Endowment Fund Resolution

Website Privacy Policy June

Donor Privacy Policy

Whistleblower Protection Policy

Record Retention Policy

Code of Ethics

Investment Policy

Gift Acceptance Policy

Additional Documentation