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Baby Real Deal

We provide hundreds high school students with our computerized babies in an effort to help them experience parenthood responsibility under our Baby Real Deal pregnancy prevention program.

Teen with Baby Real Deal

Understanding REAL parenthood

We loan 22 “babies” to Oceanside, Vista and Carlsbad high schools. The schools incorporate the care of these “infants” into their curriculum to help students understand the challenges and demands of parenting. The dolls have computer chips that cause them to cry at all hours of the day or night and the students must figure out if they need to be changed, fed, burped or loved. The dolls also give a computerized report of how long they cried and if they were ignored or abused.

Statistics have shown that these dolls really help teens to better understand the reality of having and caring for a baby and make them want to wait to become parents when they are older. Our “babies”, include two that are drug and alcohol affected babies – and behave that way.

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