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Assistance League® North Coast is dedicated to serving the needs, primarily of children, in the communities of Carlsbad, Oceanside and Vista, with the goal of providing a positive starting point for academic success.

Assistance League® North Coast is a community of hands-on volunteers dedicated to enriching the lives of those in need

Established as a guild in 1992, and a chapter in 2000, Assistance League® North Coast is the 105th chapter of National Assistance League®. We consist of approximately 182 local volunteers who give more than 27,000 hours of service each year.  Our philanthropic projects are made possible by donations, grants, our thrift shop proceeds and fundraising events each year.




Thank you for supporting the Assistance League® of North Coast first virtual event. Members and their friends and families Stepped Up for Kids as they walked, skipped, and jogged, some even brought their dogs, as they went around the block,  on a hike, or even stayed home and walked  around their house, or counted their steps on a treadmill. However they chose  to move, everyone helped to make a difference by making a pledge to help children in  the communities of Carlsbad, Oceanside and Vista where we have over 26,000 children  living below the poverty level and over 3,100 who qualify as homeless. Because of you efforts and great participation we raise $19,308.00! Thank you!

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Special Items from our Thrift Shop

Visit our Thrift Shop on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for these unique items! Everytime you shop, you help ALNC and the local community get the important resources they need. Thank you for your support!

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We have remodeled our Thrift Shop and added a furniture room.

Valentines Day has arrived at our Thrift Shop

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Meet Our Amazing Sponsors

Assistance League® North Coast it grows every year because of thoughtful people and organizations who take the time to give to the community.

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